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Enhancing Positioning in
Complex Environments


VILOTA solves localisation challenges in the mining, construction, robotics and mobility industries. We design and manufacture Visual Positioning Systems (VPS) which output precise position without GNSS, extending the limitations of localisation in obstructed environments.


Download our company profile and learn how to improve your indoor navigation. Enhance your performance and safety with the power of VIO with easily integrated solutions.

Read our Company Profile to learn more about our integrated VIO applications for industrial  solutions:
  • Indoor and underground navigation
  • Stereo Depth Maps
  • Safety and Performance in Mining, Construction and Robotics

Visual Positioning Systems work by combining information from multiple cameras and sensors to estimate the motion and position of a camera assembly, robot or vehicle.

Synchronized and calibrated stereo cameras provide visual data that allows the system to track features in the environment and calculate how much the cameras have moved. Meanwhile, the inertial sensors provide information about the vehicle's acceleration and rotation, which provides an alternative estimation of motion and orientation.

By fusing these two sources of information, VPS can estimate the pose of a robot or vehicle in real-time, even in challenging environments where GPS signals may be weak or unavailable.

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See What People Are Saying About Vilota

" Meeting the needs of an underserved niche in the robotics space, Vilota provides customised visual-inertial navigation solutions that are top-notch both in hardware and algorithms, giving customers access to state-of-the-art solutions that meet their specific needs. With a very technically strong and committed team with years of experience in developing operational visual-inertial navigation solutions, Vilota is a company you can trust. 

Dr TEO, Swee Huat Rodney | T-LABS

" Our special distributorship relation with Vilota takes Luxonis' hardware to applications in novel domains. Luxonis' SoM solution powers the vision acceleration compute needed for Vilota's Visual Positioning system, which is the future of indoor navigation. It has been a pleasure collaborating with Vilota and being a part of their journey. "                                   


Vlad Vyskocil, CTO & Co-Founder | Luxonis

" Vilota’s 3D computer vision solution with sensor fusion for edge devices and autonomous mobile robots enables companies to fast-track the development and deployment of their hardware. Instead of reinventing the wheel themselves. These companies may tap on Vilota’s advanced technologies and deep expertise in computer vision and edge computing to enable intelligent perception in their suite of devices and robots. "


Jonathan Tan, Associate Director | NUS

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